Curriculum Vitae

Mårten Falk has toured Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, England, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Peru, Chile, Argentine, USA and Canada.

Many composers have dedicated their guitar pieces to Mårten Falk and he has given more than 120 world premieres of music by composers from four continents.

Mårten Falk has performed in radio in many different countries and he has taught master classes around the world.

In 2015, Swedish National Radio broadcast a series of eight hours of Mårten’s playing of music from 1507-2015 on lute, vihuela, baroque guitar, romantic guitar, Russian guitar, modern guitars and electrified guitar.

Mårten Falk has released more than ten discs.


Mr Falk’s repertoire is vast and covers music from the 16th to the 21st centuries and from four continents. He performs on many different plucked instruments such as vihuela, lute, baroque guitar, Russian 7-string guitar and traditional Spanish guitar.

Falk regularly performs chamber music with a vast variety of instruments such as flute, violin, saxophone, voice, string quartet, recorder, cello, piano etc and with ensembles such as Gageego, KammarensembleN , Ma, Curious Chamber Players, Norrbotten Neo, Eric Ericssons kammarkör, Stockholms Läns blåsarsymfoniker etc.

Mårten Falk has written a series of guitar method books, the first two: Gitarrmästaren 1 and Gitarrmästaren 2 are published by Gehrmanns in Sweden.

StudiesMårten Falk studied guitar in Sweden with Christer Hellqvist and Gunnar Lif and in Paris, at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris/Alfred Cortot, with Alberto Ponce. He also studied with José Tomás during three summers. Falk studied composition with prof. Sven-David Sandström.

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